2022/2019 Scholarship Recipients

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Kevin Pulido, Mt. San Antonio College – Ornamental Horticulture

I started working at Brentwood Country Club in 2017. I didn’t think much of it, it was just another job. During my first year there I had so much to learn but I started to realize I did not want to keep doing the same job repeatedly every day. My golf course superintendent at the time was an assistant superintendent, and he had told me that he had started to see some potential to advance in the industry. I didn’t think much of it at the time and just forgot about it. Yet every single year he kept on telling me to go to school to get my degree.

Last year I started to notice that I couldn’t just stay doing the same job every day. I felt as if I wanted to learn more and improve my knowledge in turf. I applied to Mt. San Antonio College and so far everything is going great. Also, my golf superintendent Mike Posey is now my mentor and is guiding me to help me succeed in getting my degree. Even if I’m going to barely complete a year there, I’m starting to realize more about soil, turf, and the certain fundamentals of what goes on at a golf course and the thought process that goes into it to maintain it. For me to continue to improve and open way more opportunities I’m applying for any scholarship I can so I can focus more on school and not feel stress about being able to continue to afford school.

McKenna Murth, Penn State World Campus – Turfgrass Science and Management

Education is the backbone of a solid career. It is my goal to earn a Bachelor’s in Turfgrass Science and Management and an award would help supplement my work income to make that goal a reality. I applied and began working at Los Robles Golf Course not only to pay for my education but also to get hands-on work experience. While working I earned my AA degree in Natural Sciences with a 3.6 GPA from Moorpark college. With my AA degree I applied and was then accepted into Penn State World Campus for their Turfgrass Science and Management degree program. Within a year of working at Los Robles Golf Course I was promoted from entry level greenskeeper to Spray Technician/Training Assistant.

Besides work and school I am continuously looking for ways to move ahead in this field. Recently I had a meeting with a Superintendent at Lake Sherwood Golf Course to get guidance on education, certifications and training opportunities. Work experience is very important, however I believe that education is the key to a successful future and an award to supplement my income would be used with great appreciation and gratitude. Thank you for considering my application.

Nicholas Dzandzara, Penn State University World Campus – Turfgrass Science B.S.A

First of all I would like to say thank you to everybody who is involved with this scholarship program and thank you for giving me the opportunity to apply. I am applying for this scholarship because I am deeply motivated to further and master my knowledge of Agronomy and Turfgrass Management among other things, not only to enhance my career but also to better my life and the lives of others.

I have progressed quickly in this industry and at times it has been overwhelming for me, sometimes feeling unworthy of my position due to my lack of education and experience in the field. Experience will come with time, and those negative feelings only motivate me more to put in the time and effort to complete my education. I have been blessed to work with two of the most qualified Directors in the region and I strive to exhibit the same advanced knowledge of golf course maintenance and leadership that they present on a daily basis. Completing my education will get me one more critical step closer to becoming the leader who I want and need to be.

Ty Ferre, Riverside Community College – Business / Entrepreneurship

I am a student currently attending Norco High School, and part of the graduating class of 2022. As a senior in high school, I have a lot on my mind right now. I’m trying to get a job, figuring out where I want to go in life, and learning the ropes of becoming an adult in the constantly changing world we live in right now. But most importantly, I am trying to grasp the concept of graduating high school and moving on into college.

Over the past couple of years, I have been given a lot of time to figure out what I want to do with my life. Even though I will probably never have it completely figured out, my passions right now are things relating to business, real estate, and entrepreneurship. I became interested in these subjects due to the fact that it can generate a lot of financial wealth, and I enjoy dealing and handling money. I know a few people that enjoy doing real estate and they have inspired me to potentially take action in learning more about the world of real estate. Another passion of mine is that I enjoy detailing and washing cars. I also decided to start a side hustle with this new passion. Over the course of quarantine back in 2020, I created what I call “Tyten Premium Washes.”

I started this to get my name out there in the car detailing genre of work, and to keep me occupied, whilst also being a profitable hobby. I made business cards and went around my neighborhood to give them to homes and explain my services. I have gained a few valuable customers, and will hopefully be able to gain more once I finish high school and get into the summertime.

My plan for after high school is to work over the summer, and then proceed to attend Riverside Community College. I chose to go to a community college because I have heard that it is the best path to take. I am not the kind of person to want to party all the time and waste a bunch of time and money going to an expensive college, just to say that I went there. Whenever I do a task or make a decision, I do it for a purpose. I want to go to a community college to get the standard class out of the way, then transfer to a school specifically designed for business and or real estate. My passion for a while now has been to own a business or do real estate, so I believe the path I am on now will get me there, while also having smart educational and economic decisions.

With the money I can receive from this scholarship, I will use it for school resources I may need for college. I will need some new supplies and books for my classes, so that is where I will put the money. I have always been responsible with my money, and this scholarship money will be no exception. I believe I deserve the money because of my passion and dedication to work and excel. I want to become successful and wealthy in the future, and practicing good financial decisions is at the top of my priorities list. I will use the money only for an item or many that will further my education in the future.

2019 Scholarship Recipients

Phuc Nguyen – Turf
Francisco Brambila – Turf
Savannah Stambaugh – Legacy

See below Thank You card from scholarship recipient Phuc Nguyen. (Please go to page 2):

2019 GCSASC Phuc Nguyen Thank You Card