GCSASC Legacy Scholarship Application

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BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Please download the form here before beginning this application. This form will need to be completed then returned.

IMPORTANT: Scholarship applications will only be accepted through our online form. No applications will be accepted by email or mail. If you encounter any issues with the online form, please contact connerlycommunications@gmail.com.

All applications must be submitted online by Friday, May 19, 2023.


The GCSASC Legacy Award competition offers education aid to the children and grandchildren of GCSASC members. An award of $1,000 will be funded by the GCSASC.

Applications will be reviewed by an independent committee consisting of GCSASC Board Members and Non-Board Members. All decisions of the committee will be final. All scholarship award checks will be made payable to the applicant.


1. One or more of the applicant’s parents or grandparents must have been a GCSASC member for five or more consecutive years and must be a currently active GCSASC member in one of the following classifications: A, Superintendent Member, C, Retired-A, Retired-SM , AA Life or Affiliate. The competition is open to natural or adoptive offspring of GCSASC members. Children or grandchildren of deceased members are also eligible if the member was active at the time of his or her death.

2. The student must be enrolled full-time at an accredited institution of higher learning and have completed at least 24 units.

3. Past winners are ineligible to apply the following year. They may reapply after a one-year hiatus.

4. Students from the same family may apply.

Criteria for Selection:

1. Applicants will be evaluated based on academic achievement, extracurricular and community involvement, leadership and outside employment.

2. The student must upload an original essay of up to 500 words. The essay must be original and not previously submitted to GCSASC.

3. Financial need is not a factor in the selection.

GCSASC Legacy Award Program:

It is important to remember the following tips:

1. Read the instructions carefully.

2. Request information that you have to obtain from others early. When your school will be sending transcripts directly to us, check back with the school about a week after you make your request to make sure your transcripts have been sent.

3. If you have questions, call the office at (916) 485-6364 or email info@connerlyandassociates.com.

4. Try and submit your application as early as possible.

5. Provide all the information required. Do not submit an incomplete application.

6. Do not include extra items.

7. Proof all materials. Have one or two other people proof your essay. Use spell check.

8. If you need to upload additional pages to fully answer a question, please do so.

Checklist for a complete application:

• Carefully complete each question in application.

• Sign where indicated.

• Upload transcripts from all universities and post-secondary schools that include grades from the last completed semester or quarter. The transcripts do not need to be official.

• Upload required essay.

• If you are a graduating high school senior, attach a letter of acceptance from the college you plan to attend.

Completed applications must be submitted online by Friday, May 19, 2023.