2023 GCSASC Member Dues

Dear GCSASC Members:

On top of funding annual scholarships to member employees and the family of employees, GCSASC for years has contributed $25,000 to the California Turf & Landscape Foundation (CTLF), which funds the important turf research ongoing at UC Riverside.  GCSASC’s contribution to CTLF, in fact, is significantly higher than any GCSA chapter in California.  However, rising venue costs and strong demand at desirable golf courses have made it increasingly difficult for GCSASC to generate the funds necessary to sustain the level of contributions to turf research and scholarships that the association has traditionally made.

In order to continue the significant level of support given to CTLF, support that is critical to turf research in California, the GCSASC Board of Directors at their October 25 Board meeting made the difficult decision to raise 2023 member dues by $50 across all levels, with 100% of the increase going directly to the GCSASC Scholarship & Research Fund.  The dues increase is the first such increase implemented by GCSASC in several years, and will be reflected on invoices automatically generated on November 2, 2022.

The Board did not reach this decision without serious conversation, and we want GCSASC members to be aware of the initiatives that are underway to continue driving the value of membership:

  • In addition to the annual CTLF support detailed above, GCSASC has committed $2,500 each of the next two years ($5,000 total) to a Bermudagrass Seedhead Suppression Study at UC Riverside
  • At the November 14 Annual Meeting, we will announce an annual awards program, recognizing GCSASC members for their exceptional work (awards to be presented at the January GCSASC meeting)
  • Also at the Annual Meeting, we will circulate a 2023 calendar of events, with much of the upcoming year’s dates and venues already finalized
  • Incoming GCSASC President Dan Cruse has emphasized a desire to provide increased opportunities for DPR continuing education hours at GCSASC events
  • GCSASC is preparing to assist superintendents with hosting First Green events at their properties, connecting courses with their communities, shedding a positive light on the work performed by superintendents, and exposing school age children to the career opportunities available  in the superintendent profession

We appreciate your support of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of Southern California (GCSASC) and hope that you continue to find value in the programs and activities that the association is undertaking to benefit the superintendent profession throughout Southern California.


Marc Connerly, Executive Director