Jeff Hicks – 2022 Excellence in Turfgrass, Public Award

Jeff Hicks

Rustic Canyon Golf Course

Excellence in Turfgrass, Public Award

Jeff Hicks started working at Rustic Canyon Golf Course in June 2001, and was the construction and grow in superintendent of the golf course.
Rustic Canyon was awarded the Best New Affordable Public Golf Course in the country by Golf Digest in 2002.

In October 2004, a fire burned through the entire golf course and the hillsides north of the golf course. In January 2005, while still recovering from the fires, they experienced a 100-year flood that completely washed away or severely damaged 7 golf holes. With the help of the golf course architect and their staff, they were able to rebuild and grow in those golf holes in 100 days.

The golf course was changed over to reclaimed water in 2017, and all areas of the golf course are now watered with reclaimed water.

It is always the goal for Rustic Canyon to be the most sustainable golf course that it can be, and every agronomic effort is made to provide the most playable golf course without the use of chemicals.

Congratulations to Jeff Hicks and Rustic Canyon Golf Course, our 2022 Excellence in Turfgrass – Public award winner.