Matt Duel – 2022 John Marman Construction Renovation Award

Matt Duel

El Caballero Country Club

John Marman Construction Renovation Award

The restoration of El Caballero Country Club started with the idea of a turf conversion. Like many clubs in Southern California, El Cab had been overseeding the common Bermuda every year. Year after year the cool season grasses transitioned later and later, eventually resulting in poor summer conditions.

El Cab is also limited to potable water provided by LADWP. With potable water cost rising and availability shrinking and non-optimal summer conditions, it was time to convert to hybrid Bermuda. The membership realized that if they were going to close the golf course for a turf conversion, they take advantage of the closure and restore the course at the same time.

Architect Rees Jones and his team decided to restore the course back to what his dad, Robert Trent Jones, the original course architect, had intended, while adding some modern day adjustments, including lengthening the golf course, adjusting the green contours, and adding bunkers.

The restoration took nine months to complete, and the project included new greens, bunkers, tees and of course hybrid Bermuda turf conversion on tees, fairways and rough.

The course has been open just over 1 year and Rees will be returning to the property in February to evaluate and adjust.

Congratulations to Matt Deuel and Rustic Canyon Golf Course, winners of the 2022 GCSASC John Marman Construction Renovation Award.